At The Learning Garden Care & Kindergarten we believe in educating children to eat wisely and moderately. The eating habits that children learn during their first five years will significantly affect their future health. Nutrition in childhood influences growth, activity, intellectual and emotional development.  As members of Nutrition Australia we value the importance of providing every child their nutritional needs throughout the day. We provide a wonderful daily menu which rotates through the season using fresh ingredients and strive to use local produce as much as possible. With our on site cook preparing our delicious meals daily we have the ability to cater for allergies, intolerances or specific needs.

At Loving Hearts Our Aim Is

For our staff to role model healthy eating and activity throughout the day to all children and families.

For our staff to promote and encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables, choose water as a drink, and have an hour or more activity each day.

To assist children in establishing a positive attitude towards eating and to ensure a nutritionally adequate diet. We believe that serving high quality food makes a statement about the Centre’s respect for, and care for children.

To provide children with meals which are appropriate to their age and consider children’s eating habits from different cultures and religions. Younger children will be introduced and transitioned through food stages as directed by their families.

To provide an eating environment that is tranquil, aids communication and social skills, and develops independence in eating habits.

To support families in educating their children in regards to healthy food choices.

A copy of the centre menu us available upon request. Please feel free to discuss our menu or provide feedback to any of our staff or our cook.